No matter what your estate planning goals are, Foresight Law Firm is proud to have a thorough process in place to help you design an estate plan that works.


Estate Planning

There are several different ways to plan, and we help clients identify their goals and how those can be met with the proper estate planning documents. We work with you to detail how all of your assets, including your bank accounts, retirement funds, life insurance, and personal belongings will be handled. Once the estate plan is created, we also assist clients with the funding of their estate plan, to ensure specific assets are owned by or designated to the Trust.


trust Administration

In the event of disability or death, we offer settlement services for our Trust clients to ensure everything is carried out according to your plan. Knowing your assets are titled, managed, and distributed accurately according to your plan during the settlement process keeps the control in your hands.


Maintenance Program

Foresight Law Firm is proud to offer a formal maintenance program to its clients. Membership in the maintenance program guarantees an annual review of your estate plan, verification of funding of your plan, and any revisions to your estate plan to meet changes in the law, your health, your finances, or your family. We also offer educational and training workshops to ensure that the people who are designated in your estate plan know what to do when they need to serve in their role.


Probate administration

Foresight Law Firm does complete probate and will administration. For clients who die without any planning or with a will-based plan, generally the family will need assistance in the local Probate Court with the estate administration. This includes assistance with filing the estate in the local Probate court, completing inventory of the estate, and distributing the estate once the administration is completed.